The DebtZero app and website were created to help people just like you pay down debt so you can have more freedom and choice in your life.

Welcome! My name is Steve. I used to work for a large financial software company and I’ve helped hundreds of people with their finances. Even though I should have known better, I got myself buried under a mountain of consumer debt.

One day I realized if I were ever to achieve my dream of owning my own company, I was going to have to be better with my money. Not only did I not have the funds to put into starting my own business, I was drained of the mental energy needed because I was always so stressed about my bills.

So I went about figuring out how to get myself free of $36000 worth of debt but it wasn’t easy. I live in an expensive area and it was tough to get ahead when rent is literally double what most everyone else pays. I needed my own plan because the advice out there didn’t account for people in my situation.

I had another problem. So many times in the past, I had started to work on my debt but something would come up like needing new tires or being invited to take a vacation with friends and I would just stop working on my plan.

This frustrated me so I did a ton of research on motivation and habits. Turns out this was a real hot topic in academic and tech circles. They were building habit triggers into their apps to get people to come back day after day. Much of what they were doing didn’t exactly benefit humanity but I thought – what if I built an app using these principles to help people instead of just getting them to come back to look at ads?

That’s where the idea for DebtZero was born.

Long story short, I did work myself out of debt and I did stay on track using what I learned from behavior scientists to follow through all the way until I was completely debt-free.

Life is much more stress-free and I was able to save enough money to get a part-time job so I can have my days free to work on my business.

That’s what I want for you! To be able to have the choice to do what you want to do instead of what you have to do. The app helps you stay motivated and this site gives you the information you need to get out of debt faster.

Good luck my friend and if you need anything just let me know at [email protected]